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Las Coloraditas Grazing Research and Demonstration Area

Project Overview Conducted by the East Foundation on the historic San Antonio Viejo Ranch near Hebbronville, this project is the largest grazing study ever conducted in Texas. The project is conducted on over 18,000 contiguous acres of native rangeland and encompasses a duration of 10 years.  The goal of the project is to modify cattle stocking densities on separate pastures (averaging 4,600 acres each)/ Rotational and continuous grazing applications are being applied to determine a multitude of outcomes and predictions.  Monitoring of several responses throughout the study include bovine performance and economics, specific native forage usage and wildlife population densities of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Emphasis is placed on the bobwhite quail and the white tailed deer population response via aerial (helicopter surveys)   J&S Water Wells In late 2016, J&S Water Wells was contracted to do an analysis of water well production and water quality assessments on the northern portion of the San Antonio Viejo Ranch and the...Read More >

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