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    For new wells there are several things to take into consideration:

    a.) Yield and pressure parameters for your project

    b.) Depth parameters and regional geology: We have an extensive in-house database of existing wells that can aid in determining a very accurate estimate of proposed well depths and yields.

    c.) Power requirements: We can help in determining the needed power sizing for your project and predict estimated costs of operation.

    d.) Permitting requirements: We work in a multitude of groundwater conservation districts and areas requiring permits for water wells. Our experience in these areas can help you untangle the requirements that may affect your water well.


    a.) After discerning your water well needs we can coordinate a site visit, if needed, to aid in the placement of your well. Our goal is to fit the requirements you desire with an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

    b.) Upon acceptance of our estimates, we will prepare a contract and provide you with an estimate of the time frame to complete the project. At this time, we can aid you in obtaining the proper permits for construction.


    a.) Our new water well projects normally consist of three phases:

    1.) mobilization of equipment and crews for the drilling of the pilot hole and analysis of the findings.

    2.) Construction of the permanent water well

    3.) Sizing and installation of the permanent pumping equipment and project finalization.


    Monte Richardson
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    Shaun Grell--VP of Operations
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    Steven Robertson-Pump Service Superintendent
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    Diann Hill-Administration and Accounts Payable
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    Sheila Gardner-Permitting and Invoicing
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    Rebecca Schulze-Irrigation Sales, Service and Repair Administration

    Jason Acebo-Project Manager and Contracts Administrator