Well Abandonment & Decommissioning

Groundwater is one of the most precious resources, and its protection is vital. Texas Law makes the landowner responsible for the plugging of abandoned water wells. The landowner is also responsible for any injury or pollution that may be related to the abandoned water well.

Throughout many years, groundwater has been removed with water wells and many of those wells have been abandoned without being properly plugged. Abandoned wells of this type have the potential to contaminate aquifers and also pose a threat to safety.

J&S has the capability and equipment to properly seal and plug an abandoned well. In many instances, local Groundwater Conservation Districts have their own standard for plugging old wells that may supersede State requirements.

When a landowner encounters an abandoned well, J&S can make the proper determinations to adequately seal the old well. In most cases neat portland cement or bentonite grout is used under a pressurized pumping application. J&S will also handle all reporting details and coordination with the State and Local Groundwater Conservation Districts.